Expo 1958

The URSS pavilion at the Universal Exhibition Brussels 58. Together with the American and French the Soviets had the largest pavilion of the Expo.
Mostly of this pavilion was built up by using a lot of aluminium and glass. The monumental stairs in front gave out onto a large terrace with the broadly built entrance. Only fluoresced lights were used for the outside lighting.
In this pavilion the Soviets expressed their power and intelligence with 18 departments of social and political organisations and commercial relations. Visitors had a lot of interest for the department of aviation history with a model of the Sputnik and scale-models of other spacecrafts.Also departments of the metallurgical, chemical and petrol industries with their machinery tools got the peoples interest. Agriculture, transport, food industries, arts and science were to find in the other departments. Special place was equipped for nuclear energy and leisure with sport activities and world records.

The biggest atraction was a model of the Sputnik. There wera also (new) Russian cars on display. Close to model of the Sputnik a ZIL 111 was placed. On the picture on the right we can see the ZIL and just a glimp of a Moskvich 407. There was also a Volga M21 on the Pavilion (I don´t have picture of it, if you have one please send me an email!).

There was also a Volga M21 on the Pavilion shown on the picture above, where the Volga is standing next to a GAZ 13 Chaika. The Volga shown on the Expo was already a series 2 model. At that time the production of first series was still in proces and would continue for several months before the second series were introduced.

On the picture on the left you can see the ZIL and the Moskvich 407.

In the media was a lot of attention for the Expo 58. Also the car magazine reported about the novities that could be seen on the Expo. On the right you will find a reprint of an Italian car magazine that reported about the Russians cars on the Expo.

Especially for the Expo a few car brochures were (re)made with the logo of the Expo.

The Soviets got a Grand Prix for their achievements. The prize was used a lot later on when promoting the Volga and Moskvitch in the Soviet Union and of course in the export countries. Avtoexport begun to sale the Volga in countries al around the Wold. In the export countries the Volga soon got a lot of nicknames: “Russian tank” , “Tank in a tailor made costume”, “Workhorse”  and “Train on wheels”.

this page was made using information from the Expo 58 site: